Fitting EVO 8 Seats To Project BMW E46 Compact

Objavljeno 23. apr. 2021
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  • The removal of the airbag concerns me

  • Please stick a lowering kit on it maybe change the colour of the carpet in the car new sound system and change the pedals? Race seat belts?

  • PUT NEONS ON! #bringbackneons


  • Roof rack and spoilers

  • Remove the rear seats (cuz they're useless now anyway with the Recaros) and replace them with a MASSIVE sound system

  • Lamborghini engine

  • Slammed big wing and chrome window tint

  • Lambo doors and a purple roll cage

  • Isn't that wheel illegal tho?

  • Get that N44b20 engine that we all heard about in previous episode ;)

  • Never mind how many 16mm sockets there are what about the 10’s😂

  • I cant win the toolchest, Canadian

  • Double din stereo with a sub that fills the boot completely 😂😂 just an idea lol

  • It would be cool if you got a custom number plate for Kenny.

  • damn i would love to win that toolbox, since im starting my own garage. and please, make the headliner hot pink

  • Turbo it?

  • Gotta bmw evo 🤣🤣🤣

  • Welded diff

  • I started watching this channel a while ago... now I own two shit boxes... An RX8 and a Mondeo ST220 I need these tools to fix the bloody things!!!!!

  • I think, the only thing still missing is some ridiculously huge rear wing 🤔I know, you would love it... 😋

  • What are you gonna do with the airbag? 🤔

  • Got my entries in

  • V10 swap! 🤣

  • Fit a microwave in it for nuking snax when cruisin

  • Wouldn’t the car now not be road legal due to the steering wheel air bag?

  • Get It bagged!

  • u need a full roll cadch

  • Hi car throttle my name is Rhys I’m currently in Cornwall I’m in college getting a diploma in car mechanics and it is my dream one day to own my own classic car restoration garage one day it would be an massive dream if I could own a set like that one day. Love the content keep up the good work. 😁

  • You guys need to put some massive truck nutz on the boy 😏😉

  • anyone think these seats can fit an e36?

  • What happened to the Z3? I really liked that series

  • Sweet ride. Lol. The next mod should be a Colin Furze chosen mod. That would be interesting!

  • Paint the engine cover bright blue and tint put green tint on the windows

  • They look awesome next mod should be engine remap, k & n induction kit & big subwoofer in boot or put a new engine in it ?

  • you should bag it

  • The family dynamic in this video was wonderful. People were in good moods this day. Top bants.

  • Put some hydraulics on it 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Kenny needs to have more camber than hp, and so low that he scrapes on everything.

  • Slap a turbo on that. Like so the guys see

  • Lost your 10 mill yet Alex 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lambo doors

  • It definitely needs a sparkly headliner...

  • We definitely need some wheel spacers and or camber on Kenny to improve his stance guys ... ;)

  • Is there still a steering wheel giveaway

  • Please can we see Alex whittle a key 🔑 out of 🪵 😂

  • The car looks like trash.

  • That tool box is gorgeous but just out of interest does it come with all the 10mm for the winner to loose or are you gonna do that job for us

  • I thought if you take airbag out of a car that has one from factory it won’t pass it mot???

  • big turbo

  • Ebay turbo

  • Alex.... I can whittle that out of wood... Challange accepted then prove us wrong.

  • I would love those tools. Never won anything and would love this to be the first thing I win and its my birthday in May. Ps love the content 👍🏻

  • You could put a 3D Unicorn on the bonnet

  • Maybe the badge is a better giveaway, depending on how many 10mm sockets you intend to loose.

  • Starlight roof liner

  • Why do I hear my BMW loving neighbor screaming right now?

  • What's the steering wheel brand?

  • 857 minus the 10mill socket 😆

  • Stop using my tools ✋

  • Remember to remove 10mm socket from the tool chest. This is the way.

  • just make a monster truck out of kenny and add some gigantic truck balls

  • Slightly over-riced...

  • K swap!!! 😂

  • Weld the diff but dont tell ethan and get him to drive it and see what he thinks is wrong. Also make him go to a car park

  • "are you sure it's a 16mm?" "we used a 16mm to take them out so unless they've changed" Genuinely the most relatable conversation when working on cars

  • oh that toolbox would be an awesome 30th birthday present 😅

  • Including all 957 pieces (*No. 10 nut went missing)

  • Suicide or lambo style doors please

  • I still say the car needs a GIANT bullbar to counterweight the exhaust. Something totally ridiculous and over the top, maybe even with two hearts in front of the lights.

  • Any more roast my ride vids coming?

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  • Dear Lord, I have never won anything in my life, if only I'll have one chance, please be this one! I need this toolchest in my life.

  • Too bad that I can't possibly get the tool chest because I'm in Iran!

  • Unsubscribed... Too many poorly put together product placements and adverts. Still at least it wasn't as bad as the watch advert you put together last year. That was pure cringe

  • The car looks like Barney's bang mobile

  • next mod should be custom headliner

  • After you're done "pimpifying" that poor kompact, I think the fans should do a "what we really think of your car" roast. You kind of deserve it, you know -_-

  • Next mod should really be 4d plates and window decals just because we all know you don't like them 😂😂

  • Just built a garage/workshop and now running low for money for tools that box would definitely suit the place 🙈😅😂 p.s this e46 is slowly but surely turning into a Japanese one 😂😂

  • Widebody

  • 350 for the car, 250 for the seats. Worth it!

  • You should install a minifridge in the back, with neon lights trim. Extra: Black bmw badge, or debagded

  • Another drawer of hammers 🤣

  • Give Kenny some air ride suspension and a killer sound system.

  • Kenny the compact E Vo W

  • Should be called the E Vo W now.

  • Next mod: slicks

  • Remember when CT used to sell all these mods? I used to spend hours going through their catalog, making a big list of stuff I wanted to get once I got my car, but by the time I got it all that was left on the store was clothes....

  • Me and my E36 316i compact from 1996. Still going strong after 336000km...but how long. Only god knows 🤨 But nice RGB lights on E46. It's no for me.

  • You guys should put a Train Horn in it 🤣

  • Surely the tool chest will come with the 10mm socket missing? 🤣

  • Did you need to modify the evo seats to fit I have an e46 coupe and wonder will they fit

  • Wait arent those seats from the evo 7????

  • I have a prediction. By the time they give away the tool chest there will no longer be any 10/13mm sockets. We all know how their existence ends 😂

  • Add on starlights on the roof lining!

  • Off-road kit (raising suspension + towbar)

  • Hm, there's no legal requirement of having an airbag apparently, but it'd fail an MOT. What a weird grey area.

  • 3 of the biggest tools are outside the chest. 😅